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Hilde and Hanneke maintain an amusing yet informative blog which refers to language-related exchanges, involving themselves and other translators.


“Expertise shared in a team effort (SpecialTies)”

Specialties shared in a team effort: the client

If you are a researcher, publisher, reporter or editor, our SpecialTiesTM method offers you the opportunity to collaborate with us on any translation project. We will work with you in a team which brings together people with the appropriate expertise. You may also want to leave it all up to us, in which case we will make sure we put the right team together.

The SpecialTiesTM method

The SpecialTiesTM method allows you to decide on the extent and specific nature of your input. You outsource to us anything you do not wish to take on yourself, resulting in cost-savings. At the same time you will enjoy collaborating with the MedicaMerkus experts involved.

Publishers, journalists or editors

If you are a publisher, reporter or editor, MedicaMerkus will focus on creating a clear and accurate text, knowing that you will do the final editing. Of course you may wish to leave the final editing up to us! In such cases, it is good to know that MedicaMerkus can access a network of experienced, dedicated, independent professionals in the area of publishing who are able to take on whatever is called for.

"“Who did the translation?” the editor said in surprise, “It’s that good, there really isn’t anything left for me to do.'

Hugo Maarleveld, publisher 2010 Uitgevers

If you are a researcher

If you are the researcher and hence the expert, you may wish to be the one to provide advice on content. This will benefit the translation, and save costs. Moreover, working together with high-calibre translators and other language experts can be very enjoyable. Discussing specialised terminology with a linguist can be gratifying, as can debating the best way to formulate new insights. What exactly was the original author trying to convey? And how would we transfer such concepts in a Dutch context? Exchanges about questions of this nature can be incredibly inspirational! If you have time and are able to read Dutch, you should read the SamenWeten blog, as this will give you an excellent impression of what goes on in practice.