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Good scientific translators should possess the following skills

  • near-native mastery of and a finely tuned sense for all nuances of the source language;
  • sufficient scientific background in order to grasp complex texts in the source language;
  • a fair basic knowledge of the subject matter, which implies more than having completed a terminology course;
  • a talent for eloquently rephrasing complex information, with an eye for detail, while keeping sight of both the bigger picture (micro and macro level) and information beyond the text.
  • good communication: knowing when to alert other team members, when to research terminology or ask for clarification, or when to confer about translation issues.

It is vital that the translators can apply these five skills concurrently. This requires a unique combination of training, talent and experience.


Do you have:

  • an academic qualification,
  • a linguistic qualification or A-levels in one or two of the classical languages and
  • experience in translating scientific documents and would you like to work with MedicaMerkus?



Please write in the subject line that you would like to work with us, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. You might also be interested to know that MedicaMerkus engages in promotor activities for translators. Translators may be compared to artists. They can be hard at work, doing their own thing, but may be isolated to an extent. MedicaMerkus can play the role of impresario and project manager for translators.

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