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Crystal clear translations

We provide accurate and comprehensible translations. We have a well-defined theory on the required quality of translations: our experienced translators have an academic qualification, while each translation is guided by the advice of one or more experts in the fields concerned. Because of the unique combinations of expertise needed for scientific translations, we have developed a specific method, called SamenWetenTM (SpecialTies), which offers a unique structure for the collaboration between our linguists and other scientific experts. The result: excellent quality work every time!


Medical science and allied health

We translate publications on a wide range of medical or allied health topics.


MedicaMerkus have earned a reputation for producing outstanding translations of standard terminologies.

  Hilde and Hanneke have been responsible for the English-Dutch translations of the NANDA-terminology for the nursing profession (including NIC and NOC) for over ten years, thus making a major contribution towards developing the standard terminologies for nursing diagnosis, interventions and outcome labels in the Dutch language. We were happy to add the DSM-5 to our resume in 2013. We also provide publishers and training institutes with lexicons for various training programmes and associated exam questions.

English/French/German – Dutch

Do you wish to have your publication translated into Dutch? In close collaboration with yourself and a native Dutch colleague of yours, we render a Dutch translation of your book, article or course curriculum documentation.

Do you wish to submit your book to a Dutch publisher for translation? We can supply you with a synopsis in Dutch.


Have you had your publication translated into Dutch already, but are you not sure about its quality? We offer an objective opinion by a native Dutch Subject Matter Expert, and we can help you edit the translation to meet your standards.

Scientific journals (periodicals)

For editors of scientific periodicals we can offer either synopses/summaries or complete translations. These often require short deadlines. We offer fast delivery by getting relevant questions answered by your Subject Matter Experts.

Scientific books

As a rule, we are able to translate scientific books within a few months. This includes consultation of one or more experts. Our ongoing review process has this advantage: we 'grow' into the subject matter, saving time for all collaborators because the experts no longer have to repeatedly answer the same questions.

MedicaMerkus translations: partial projects or the total package

MedicaMerkus translates scientific publications, but offers more than that. Not only do we supply you with a flawless translation, but we can handle the entire process from start to finish, if you wish: from publication to publication. We translate, edit, design and/or run layouts and even publish entire works.


We translate from Dutch, English, French and German into Dutch or English. Not only that, but we also offer:

  • assistance in the optimisation of your English or Dutch texts;
  • executive summaries or abstracts of your work in English, e.g. in order to inform publishers in different languages on the content of your manuscript or publication.

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